Batzilla Batmobile

Another great Batmobile created by Steve Sakane is the Batzilla Batmobile! Steve was inspired to have this Batmobile be a symbol to inspire youth, through the power of education, to choose Batman’s campaign of ‘Good Over Evil’.

Steve Sakane driving the Batzilla Batmobile into the stadium field for the greater Los Angeles City Schools Dare Program.


Steve Sakane keynote guest speaker making a special appearance
addressing Los Angeles City School youths on the importance of education.


Steve Sakane’s world-class Lamborghini Space Car and Batzilla Batmobile designs together for the first time on display
drawing a crowd of 25,000 for a Los Angeles City Schools youth rally
to inspire that dreams can be achieved through education!


Steve Sakane takes times to teach an elementary school boy the importance of pursuing goals and dreams at an early age.
‘The Bat Kid’ is sitting in Steve’s design of a miniature Batmobile!


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